On June 14th, the very first edition of Yeur Dreamin’ took place in Amsterdam! The event brought together professionals and other Salesforce enthusiasts for a full day of conference and networking. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Yeur Dreamin’ is the Benelux’s very first Salesforce community-led event. With active user groups blossoming all over the region, the Benelux constitutes a vibrant and dynamic Salesforce community. It is therefore is a perfect environment to expand/share your Salesforce knowledge and experience. Far from being a true Salesforce guru myself, it was still a great opportunity to exchange with more people from the community but also to engage with international keynotes speakers who drive change. Here is a snapshot of a couple of talks that I attended.

The war for Salesforce talent

A problem only solved by our Ohana working together, presented by Stephanie Herrera, Sarun Kojadin and Avnish Kotecha

In this presentation, international Salesforce Recruitment experts, Computer Futures explored the rising issue of the asymmetry of supply and demand of Salesforce experts. With the ecosystem constantly evolving, organizations are increasingly in need of more and more experts. However, as discussed, recruiting shouldn’t be purely focusing on whether or not candidates do have a Salesforce baggage with them. Rather it is important to value skills and ability to learn to evaluate potential talents to then use the community to have it do what it does best: teach and exchange and that regardless of your background. Salesforce is one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world, but most importantly it promotes innovation, changes and collaboration through its very active Salesforce Ohana community.

Empowering Refugees to find Work within the Salesforce Ecosystem

Presentation by Gaspar Rodriguez

Possibly one of the most admirable topic of the day: Gaspar introduced us to the Refugee Force project. Refugee Force is a Salesforce native and inclusive initiative intended for refugees coming to the Netherlands. Its main aim? Supporting refugees in their job search and career development in the tech industry through a 14-15 week programme. The training consists of classes led by Salesforce certified volunteers to prepare the students for the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam. Facing the reality that only 1/3 refugees of working age settled a paid job, it is important to make sure that opportunities are more accessible and to help people unleash their potential. It was truly inspiring to hear about the project and listen to first hand stories from some students themselves. While Refugee Force is still in its early days, it is a promising project which you can support by volunteering or becoming a sponsor.


Admins – You can code too!

Presentation by David Liu

While not being an Admin (at least not yet!) I could still very much relate to this talk since I had considered learning how to code before. With the reminder of the increased demand for coders on the job market, the Salesforce famous David Liu shared all the reasons that led him to teach himself how to code. Just as Salesforce, coding can be a real career changer/booster for self-taught, determined individuals. One can find various resources for guidance, whether it’s Trailheads, online courses, bootcamps or with the support of one of the online communities for coders.

Supercharge your salesforce with 10 awesome tips & tricks

Presentation by Ronak Mehta


For this presentation, representing Cloud Integrate among the speakers was our Senior consultant Ronak! Reflecting the Cloud Integrate approach to using the platform, Ronak exposed the best value-to-effort tricks that can best benefit admins as well as end users. From visual improvements of reports to simplifying admins daily work, you can now make your life easy for yourself! You can find the details on the slides and do not hesitate to comment your questions.




Overall, I was impressed with the scope of the event and the talks that I could attend. In addition, it was amazing to see the number of volunteers who made Yeur Dreamin’ possible. An aspect of the user groups that struck me when I was first introduced to Salesforce is the dedication of users to advocate for the whole Salesforce ecosystem and promote collaboration between professionals. In this sense, Yeur Dreamin’ was without a doubt an excellent representation of these values.