Achieve Operational Excellence

Cloud Integrate transforms and accelerates organizations through digital innovation and helps them adapting faster to this new world. By leveraging the limitless power of the Salesforce platform we improve productivity, customer engagement, insights and various business processes.

Increase transparency in manufacturing operations

Improve customer engagements with a unified view of your sales and service operations. Capture order information from your ERP or order management system to manage compliance and renewals on a unified platform. Optimize sales agreements lifecycle by managing changes to planned quantities, revenues, sales prices, or discounts. Extend sales agreements collaboration to your channel partners and customers to streamline account management.

Build an Agile Value Chain

Align sales and operations in your manufacturing processes; enhance your vision of the future with intelligent forecasting capabilities for both run rate and new business opportunities, and extend the planning process to partners and suppliers to shape agile and future-proof business strategies.

Develop holistic, granular, and predictive analytics

Unify data from planning, operations, finance, and sales to have insights on how an account is going to perform over a period of time. Think forward with predictive analytics that allows you to evaluate performance across multiple market segments, product segments, and different customer types.