The Client

ABB is a Swiss-Swedish multinational company operating mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment, and automation technology industries in over 100 countries. Their Dutch office located in Delft is in charge of developing and supporting electric charging stations and electrical hardware.

ABB called out for Salesforce expertise as an increasing need for system administration was identified and the need for more transparency to measure and scale success and performance adequately, particularly regarding their product support services.


Challenges Outlined

ABB indicated to be in need of a system that would resolve its issues concerning having no admin support. This resulted in additional challenges such as not making the org scalable and future proof, no systematic way of documenting business processes, and not getting clear guidance on solutions and integrations to manage their environment best.

Besides, other issues were established such as having a lack of clarity of the overall performance measurements, while also customizations performed over time by the company itself, made it increasingly challenging to administrate its systems.

During the discovery phase run by our consultants, the additional need for attention to cover underlying downfalls included: outdated versions of the interface, obsolete version of products, and pitfalls in data security and user access.


The Cloud Integrate Solution

ABB partnered with Cloud Integrate to resolve these challenges and introduced Salesforce Lightning. By migrating its systems from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning.

Also, ABB got acquainted with Community Cloud. As compared to their existing Portals, Community Cloud is a fully supported, scalable, modular, and user-friendly interface for external users (partners, customers, etc.), making their org scalable and future proof.

Moreover, with the creation of an API, the requests for support that the partner service organizations could not handle could be better managed while reducing manual work and filtering out work.

With the implemented improvements of data security and access, ABB can now better manage its data security and access in the entire org. With the use of Elements Cloud, administrative tasks of the service team of ABB could be lowered.


Gained Benefits after Implementation

After some adequately spend time with the implementation of the new systems, ABB experienced the benefits of using the Cloud Integrate solution for them.

To start, an increase in productivity, due to users, administrators and executives were now able to access features in Salesforce Lightning that was restricted in Salesforce Classic.

Better connections with partners’ systems thanks to Community Cloud. ABB’s Salesforce instance can now align with any customer’s ticketing system with system-agnostic connectivity.

More streamlined processes, since the ABB support team can now assist with support requests in a more efficient and streamlined manner.

An improved success measurement tool because of the implementation of the API, the ABB office can track in a more systematic way the support requests that customers send to them.

Lastly, with the outsourcing of Salesforce Administration, the full documentation of the Salesforce org implemented, the service team can now solely focus on serving the customer instead of going out of their way with Salesforce administration tasks.

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