The Client

Havas Media is a global media network operating in over 140 countries, that unites brands and people through meaningful connections that drive business success. They aim to be the marketing orchestrator of customers’ advertising as well as being a strategic sparring partner.

Havas Media called out for Salesforce expertise as an increasing need for more effectively managed campaigns arose. Havas has an overview of the complex media landscape and has extended knowledge on which time slot and which medium best suits the target group of the brand, ensuring every advertising euro is spent with the highest possible return.


Challenges Outlined

Havas Media did not have an IT system in place for planning, buying, and managing media campaigns. They relied heavily on Excel. The large Excel-files were unstable; information was spread throughout the organization making processes error-prone. Because large media budgets are involved, these were major risks. There was a clear need for an end to end system that managed all aspects of their campaign management. This system needed to automate an important part of the day to day work, such as making quotations, looking up prices, and creating reports.

“Havas Media is anticipating pivotal changes in the industry as the rise of digital media has broadened the landscape. Also, marketers nowadays need to work completely data-driven, they can’t just rely on their guts to plan campaigns but need to substantiate their choices by using accurate metrics. The strategic conversation with the customer is very important because that’s ultimately where our added value is,” says Thijs Muller, CEO of Havas Media.


The Cloud Integrate solution

Havas Media partnered with Cloud Integrate to resolve these challenges and developed the ‘Campaign Cloud’, a cloud environment that is completely customized to the business processes of a large media agency.

Campaign Cloud is entirely based on Salesforce technology and builds on standard components offered by the Salesforce platform. Campaign Cloud is therefore scalable and can be easily enriched with data from other systems by integration. In addition, new components have been developed based on technology that fits perfectly with the workflow of a media agency.

“The collaboration with Cloud Integrate went very smoothly. They really excel in translating our business requirements into concrete technological solutions. The Cloud Integrate team understands our business and has done a great job,” says Thijs Muller, CEO Havas Media.


Gained Benefits after Implementation

Campaign Cloud has automated all the business processes for planning and buying media campaigns. There is now a ‘single source of truth’ ensuring that few to no mistakes are made. In addition, work is now being done more efficiently, which means that Havas employees can give even more attention to their strategic advisory tasks.

Campaign Cloud ensures that we are the marketing orchestrator of advertising. We can now invest even more time in putting together the ultimate media mix for our customers. By automating all boring administrative tasks, the work has also become even more fun. And that helps us to retain talent better.

It is also essential that the system contains dashboards and reporting pages where customers and Havas Media management have insight into the planning and costs of a campaign. Previously, employees spent weeks preparing such reports. Havas’ customers now know exactly how they spend their euro by using Campaign Cloud. They are now able to offer a level of real-time transparency that is unprecedented in our industry.”

“The Campaign Cloud enables us to be the marketing orchestrator of advertising.” – Thijs Muller; CEO Havas Media


Havas its Future Vision

As a next step, Havas Media will be integrating Campaign Cloud to all financial and campaign measurement systems. This gives customers insight into the effectiveness and value of a campaign. “We strive to make the media strategy as data-driven and transparent as possible. With Campaign Cloud, we now have the platform to make this move.

The Havas international group has shown interest in Campaign Cloud.

“Havas Media Netherlands is the pilot market for the rest of the group. The Netherlands has great education systems, is hyper-connected, and has a liberal and entrepreneurial climate. An ideal place to innovate with new techniques and processes. Campaign Cloud has raised a lot of interest. There is an ambition to use Campaign Cloud in all countries where Havas is active,” says Muller.

With the unique Campaign Cloud platform and Cloud Integrate solution partnership underpinning its core business, Havas Media aspires to lead the market in addressing the rapidly changing global media agency landscape driven by increasing demand for governance, cost efficiency, overall effectiveness, visibility, control and campaign launch time of its clients.


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