Novagraaf contacted us, wishing to revamp their processes to get all the best of modern reporting and collaboration opportunities.


  • Accurately capture opportunity details and report on pipeline and forecasting
  • Easily view changes from week to week and impact on targets
  • Enable sales team to capture all information so that no deals go under the radar
  • Create PDF quotes directly from Salesforce
  • Create alerts, notifications and approval process based on business criteria
  • Communicate with relevant team members in the context of specific records and share documents


  • Implement accounts and opportunities; create reports and dashboards; implement forecasting
  • Create appropriate reports and dashboards
  • Fully train users and introduce a new working methodology
  • Use native Quotes functionality to create PDFs
  • Design appropriate processes using Process Builder and implement Approval Processes
  • Implement Chatter and create appropriate groups to facilitate discussion


Vastly improved levels of management satisfaction; 100% of deals of opportunities are now being captured and tracked on the system; staff immediately using Chatter to raise questions and follow deals, showing a high degree of user adoption.

Regular cycle of improvement works now being taken, including the creation and tracking of new metrics and additional alerts/notifications.

More investment is in the works, following this successful rollout, including CPQ.