The Client

For more than 130 years, Novagraaf has been helping iconic brands and innovative organisations around the world to power their competitive advantage by delivering a connected IP perspective. Their firm has access to a robust network of more than 380 IP attorneys and administrative specialists to support and address your IP needs.

Novagraaf called out for Salesforce expertise as an increasing need to wishing to revamp their processes to get all the best modern reporting and collaboration opportunities.


Challenges Outlined

Novagraaf indicated needing a system that would accurately capture opportunity details, report on pipeline, and forecasting to speed up their business processes. Furthermore, they wanted to quickly view changes from week to week business and impact on targets. Another challenge Novagraaf outlined was that they wanted to enable their sales team to capture all information in one place so that no deal was left unnoticed.

Besides, Novagraaf wanted to create PFD quotes directly from Salesforce. Moreover, the company wished to Cloud Integrate to create alerts, notifications and approval processes based on business criteria.

Lastly, Novagraaf wanted every employee to communicate with relevant team members in the context of specific records and share documents whenever needed.


The Cloud Integrate Solution

Novagraaf partnered with Cloud Integrate to resolve their challenges and created Sales Cloud.

For starters, the implementation of accounts and their opportunities; reports and dashboard could now be created with ease, including accurate forecastings. Additionally, the native Quotes functionality was implemented to create PDF’s. Due to the Process Builder, processes of Novagraaf could be designed according to their wishes, including their approval processes. Lastly, Chatter was integrated to create appropriate groups to facilitate discussions.

All employees of Novagraaf were fully trained and introduced to the new working methodology, so everyone was able to start working with these new implementations as soon as possible.


Gained Benefits after Implementation

With the implementation of the Salesforce Clouds, the level of management satisfaction improved significantly. Furthermore, 100% of potential opportunities are now being captured and tracked on the system. After using the Chatter function, the Novagraaf team raised questions to others immediately, and deals could be better followed, resulting in a higher degree of user adaptation.

Additionally, the regular cycle of improvement works now being taken, including creating and tracking new metrics and additional alerts/notifications.

More investment is in the works, following this successful rollout, including CPQ.

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