The Client

The Solidaridad Network is an international civil society organization, working to facilitate the development of socially responsible, ecologically sound and profitable supply chains worldwide.

The Solidaridad Network group called out for Salesforce expertise as an increasing need for better user adaption. Furthermore, Solidaridad was not utilizing Salesforce to the best of its ability, while also they encountered issues concerning their customer experience journey.


Challenges Outlined

Solidaridad faced one of the most common yet essential challenges hampering operational excellence and growth, namely user adoption. Besides, with fundamental data siloed in different systems, users were alarmingly underutilizing the Salesforce platform’s full potential.

Finally, the lack of an internal champion and system administrator hampered progressive improvements in user experience. These challenges meant that Solidaridad could not achieve the expected ROI from their Salesforce rollout, and critical information was not adequately tracked.


The Cloud Integrate Solution

Solidaridad partnered with Cloud Integrate to redesign their architecture and optimized their Salesforce environment based on users’ feedback. We built custom components based on Solidaridad’s specific business needs to track information that was previously lost.

By integrating Gmail with Salesforce, users could log their activities seamlessly. With our training sessions for admins, a champion was empowered to make Solidaridad’s Salesforce platform changes to match the organisation’s future evolving needs.


Gained Benefits after Implementation

By improving the user experience, Solidaridad saw an immediate improvement in the number of users actively working on the platform. Adoption significantly increased with more user-friendly configurations that allowed users to input and access relevant data efficiently, and never lose sight of the most exciting engagements.

Advising a superuser on admin best practices ensured that Solidaridad’s Salesforce platform could grow along with the organization’s needs. Critical processes in focus were streamlined, and Solidaridad achieved a 360 view of its relevant stakeholders and constituents.

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