Wonderkind is a rapidly growing company, which heavily relies on technology to offer cutting edge job advertising services. There was a need to improve their business processes to help scale up their activities, reach and impact.


  • Reporting for sales didn’t provide enough insight
  • New customer onboarding was missing
  • Pardot integration was incomplete
  • No process in place for partner relationship management


  • Created reports and dashboards for sales team, executives, customer success team
  • Implemented FormAssembly and integrated this with Salesforce to create a new onboarding process; Service Cloud implementation
  • Field mappings, sync error cleanup and lead assignment in Salesforce were configured
  • A separation of Partner record types was implemented for Accounts


  • Executive team had better insights into sales activities
  • Streamlined process caused less friction and there was a faster onboarding for new customers
  • Lead management was significantly improved
  • Improved Partner relationship