The Client

Wonderkind is a technology-based company using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and job advertisements to attract clients’ perfect employment candidate. The company is rapidly growing and using an ever-increasing level of targeting for potential candidates based on online-behaviour.

Wonderkind called out for Salesforce expertise as an increasing need for a solution for their complex processes accumulated was acting as a brake to their expansion due to their rich data-driven environment.

Cloud Integrate’s mission for Wonderkind led to the improvement of these processes to help scale up their activities, reach and impact.


Challenges Outlined

Wonderkind indicated to require a system that would solve some of their main issues. For starters, their way of reporting sales did not provide enough insight to support their decision-making process. Additionally, the onboarding of new customers was missing. Another challenge Wonderkind was facing was related to incomplete Pardot integration. This made it harder for sales to follow up on leads. The last challenge the company faced was that there were no processes in place for partner relationship management.


The Cloud Integrate Solution

Wonderkind partnered with Cloud Integrate to resolve their challenges and created Sales Cloud to create dashboards and reports for Wonderkind’s sales team, executives, and customer success team. This way, all sales related information was now available through one portal, making it more accessible for everyone.

Cloud Integrate also added a new feature to Wonderkind’s Service Cloud, FormAssembly, an all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform. It’s powerful, customisable, and flexible enough to handle all of the form creation and data collection needs of Wonderkind, for a wide range of use cases.

Besides, field mappings, sync error cleanup and lead assignments in Salesforce were configured, while also a separation of Partner record types was implemented for Accounts.


Gained Benefits after Implementation

With the implementation of Sales Cloud, the Executive team of Wonderkind had better insights into sales activities. This boosted the efficiency of the sales team since all information was now available through one straightforward platform.

Additionally, due to the implementation of FormAssembly, a more streamlined business process was created and caused less friction and faster onboarding for new customers. Furthermore, Wonderkind’s lead management was significantly improved by implementing Service Cloud, while partnership relations remarkably enhanced.

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