Conga, a Salesforce Platinum Partner, is a well-known name in the segment of value-adding products that streamline critical business processes. 

A big majority of Conga products, services, and capabilities focuses on automating and simplifying documents, data, reporting, and contracts. They also specialize in digital document transformation so that businesses — small or big — can emphasize on closing deals faster and higher-value activities.

Why Choose the Conga Suite?

The Conga Digital Transformation Product Suite is ideal for your legal team that makes use of offline tools with minimal automation. It will also be a great asset if your legal team doesn’t already have access to digitized document tracking or redlining capabilities. In addition, the suite can help with external approval process or electronic signature capabilities. It is also a great choice if you want to gain access to a frictionless contract review process. This will hold good especially if that would have otherwise required you to get your hands on a full contract lifecycle management tool!


Nevertheless, the development of a comprehensive contract lifecycle management solution requires a lot of expertise, time, and efforts tosuit the specific requirements of your business. This is where the Conga Digital Transformation Product Suite comes in.

Conga Composer and Conga Collaborate

Conga Composer is the highest volume downloaded paid application of the popular AppExchange. In this application you can create pixel-perfect documents with the live data in Salesforce. Moreover, it can also be used to return data back into Salesforce. In addition to these advantages, you can make use of Conga Collaborate to share, approve, and review in real-time. In addition you can use Conga Collaborate to manage and track documents with custom alerts.

Conga Contracts

Conga Contracts, on the other hand can be defined as a full contract lifecycle management. It allows you to perform a wide range of activities such as contract creation, negotiation, and execution.

It provides a wide range of tools and functionalities for managing different forms of contracts ; you can then use these contracts for different requirements. This is achievable by an enterprise-grade solution that has the unmatched potential to give a refined definition to mitigate risks, contract language, and formulate policies. Conga Contracts facilitates workflows and approvals, renewal management, negotiation, and drafting so that users find it extremely easy. The best thing is that the customer-centric dashboard of Conga Contracts offers a personalized, real-time display of statistics and data. Finally, its easy implementation makes sure that the contract progress is on the right track at a swift pace.

Conga Orchestrate

You may even try your hands on Conga Orchestrate that helps you build customizable and streamlined workflows amongst the product suite of Conga. With this tool, you can easily accelerate and automate business processes by creating documents and manage data. You can even use it for managing contracts, and signing documents, easily and securely through the entire lifecycle.


If you are looking for a comprehensive suite to automate and transform your business like never before, the Conga Digital Transformation Product Suite is all you need. Take your business to success heights that were previously either unknown or unexplored!


Credit: Conga