Consulting Services and Methodology

Salesforce comes with a lot of capabilities but you will need some help in tailoring it to the needs of your business. This is where implementation partners such as Cloud Integrate come into the picture. Using our methodology and best practices we can help you adjust the system to make it user friendly and effective for your team.

A Salesforce implementation / consulting partner is a third-party organization that offers help to implement Salesforce products. Nobody wants to be investing in a Rolls Royce to only ever drive it to go to the supermarket, right? Well with Salesforce it is the same: Resorting to a partner to get a Salesforce product is not an obligation, however it is highly recommended as the complexity and scope of the platform does require a certain expertise to install and make the most use out of it. Ideally the partner guides you through the products which are best fitted for your organization, helps you setting it up and walks you through the process.

The reason why you’d go for a Salesforce partner is pretty much the same as the reason why you’d go to the genius bar for your Macbook. With a certified partner, you make sure that you get premium advice by certified Salesforce consultants who know the platform and the products inside out and how to adapt it to your organisation functioning and needs. Furthermore, working with a Salesforce partner is a simple step to getting more involved with the Salesforce community, which offers a wide range of opportunities to get further acquainted with the platform and its products

Selecting your CPQ consulting partner: 5 things to consider

Size does not equate success! Larger partners may offer the confidence of renowned services, however you should keep in mind that the bigger the partner is, the more likely it becomes that you won’t get personalised advice. With every organisation being unique in its own particular way of functioning and adapting to new products, the best way to go about choosing a partner remains picking one that meets your specific needs and requirements. Your partner should always take the time to get a deep understanding of your organisation to offer the best fitted solutions.  

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Selecting your CPQ consulting partner: 5 things to consider

These labels correspond to tiers according to which Salesforce classifies its recognised partners. There are five types of tiers: registered, silver, gold, platinum and global strategic, which reflect the consultant level of expertise and record of customer success according to Salesforce. These requirements are typically evaluated through sales performance, number of Salesforce certified professionals and overall customer satisfaction. You can check details about partners on the Salesforce partner portal.

Salesforce created a whole platform dedicated to learning called Trailhead. It offers short modules dedicated to educate about the different products Salesforce offers, its ethics and values (see Ohana) and the platform in general. It covers a large range of topics and levels of difficulty so that you can start your Salesforce journey with it but also continue learning about the platform and products functioning with the new modules that are added on a regular basis to the platform. The best thing about it? It’s FREE and fun!