Why is Conversational Commerce a game-changer?

Customers prefer to talk to businesses using conversational messaging channels, such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Consumers are open to buy products during their interaction with a chatbot.

Mobile commerce sales make up for 54% of all e-commerce sales owed to strong WhatsApp and/or Instagram integration.

Conversational commerce enables companies to have 1-to-1 personalized conversations with customers at scale thanks to the development of intelligent chatbots. Customers can get direct answers to questions, products, receive personalized recommendations and updates on orders using their favorite messaging app. They even can make purchases directly within the messaging app, without having to go to the company webshop or another app.

The Business Value of Implementing Conversational Commerce 

Boost your service agent productivity by 3 times

Lower your customer support operational cost by 50-75%

Increase conversion rates by 2.5 times

Increase cross-sell and up-sell revenue by 2.4 times

Increase average order value by up to 20%

Improve your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) by 20%

Key Partner of Cloud Integrate

Cloud Integrate and MessageBird

Working in partnership with MessageBird, a global leader in conversational commerce, Cloud Integrate delivers end-to-end conversational commerce solutions catering to your company’s service, commercial, and integration needs.

With our MessageBird integration tools we connect intelligent chatbots to your CRM, payment, knowledge and back office systems to provide your customers highly personalised and efficient service in a secure way.

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