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Boost your Sales and Quote-to-Cash processes with Cloud Integrate Advisory and industry-leading CPQ solutions

Cloud Integrate’s Quote-to-Cash offering helps companies to transform the customer and employee experience, empowering them throughout the whole sales cycle by setting up systems to support growing businesses. CPQ Solution will help businesses increase order intake and efficiency. In addition, it’s a great support when entering new markets and launch new sales channels.

Why invest in a CPQ solution?

CPQ, or Configure Price Quote Software is a sales tool designed to help companies produce accurate and highly configured quotes making all of the complex product, pricing, and business rules centralized, automatic and available in real-time, so sales have everything they need at their fingertips. The result is expanded revenue by helping all channels sell more, sell bigger, and sell anywhere. For most complex products, pricing or channels, CPQ boosts sales effectiveness by giving you the power to create the best quotes possible.

Faster sales and renewals

+33% faster quote generation

  • drastically reduce errors and contract lead time
  • personalize your sales quotes in a more streamlined process
  • avoid wasted “back-and-forth” time and be ready to close a deal as soon as your clients are

Increase speed and accuracy of sales processes

+38% reduced errors

  • enables sales reps to quickly create quotes with high accuracy
  • ensure accurate pricing and discounting, and approvals are automatically routed whenever necessary
  • generate accurate quote documents, including the right collaterals by default

Boost profitability with a well-configured CPQ solution

+25% increased sales productivity

  • sales teams empowered to sell better
  • finance teams to retain control
  • leaders to gain a serious competitive edge

More than 50% of sales wins go to companies that are first responders. Long sales and quoting processes will negatively impact sales quota. CPQ is the ultimate sales tool for speed and efficiency. It eliminates manual quoting and simplifies business complexity so your salespeople have more time to sell. CPQ drastically shortens the sales cycle by having one central location for all product and pricing information, providing guided selling recommendations and user-friendly interfaces, and configurations that manage product complexity.

CPQ eliminates quoting errors and the related problems they cause to sales and the rest of the organization. CPQ solutions allow companies to ensure automatic compliance with the product, pricing, and business rules. This has an enormous impact on the business.

A CPQ solution does more than just prevent deep discounts and increase the speed of selling – it actually helps you expand the value of your deals. Guided selling highlights cross-sell and up-sell opportunities as sales executives build quotes and configure products.

The CPQ Solutions

At Cloud Integrate, we have a team of highly skilled CPQ and Billing consultants, who have the expertise and project experience to help you assess, design and build simple and accurate quotes, create cleaner proposals and streamline billing and revenue recognition.

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Apttus CPQ Demo

Support – every step of the way


Let’s start with a deep-dive discovery to understand your business needs


We work with you to create the ideal categorization, bundling, pricing and discounting for your products or services to improve sales efficiency.


We build intelligent and seamless solutions to share your quotes with your prospects giving you an edge in the negotiation process


Our CPQ experts will help you create clean, personalized and accurate quotes and contracts


Automate processes and improve accuracy and speed of approvals for your most important deals.


Win the deal and prepare for renewals, upselling and cross-selling. Bridge your sales with accounting, ERP and finance solutions.

Are you ready to revolutionize your quotation and sales process?

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Business Analysis

  • Assessment of product and service portfolio
  • Analysis of pricing and discounting methods
  • Approval and workflow
  • Management Information (reports and/or dashboards)
  • Quote-to-cash solution selection

Prototyping and development

  • Development of data model (products, pricing, discounting etc)
  • Development of needed functionalities either by point and click configuration or custom code development
  • Design of User Experience
  • Implementation of approvals and workflow rules

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