Create an Omnichannel Customer Experience

Cloud Integrate transforms and accelerates organizations through digital innovation and helps them adapting faster to this new world. By leveraging the limitless power of the Salesforce platform we improve productivity, customer engagement, insights and various business processes.

Increase customer loyalty by exceeding customer expectations

Traditional communication channels, such as telephone are no longer sufficient to meet customer expectations. Increase interactions allowing prospects and customers to reach out to your company from any instant messaging apps, be it WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, or Signal. Provide fast and relevant support on any of your customers’ favourite channels for a comfortable, personal, and seamless experience to build stronger customer relationship and brand loyalty.

Transform B2B and B2C interactions with conversational commerce

Transform both your B2B and B2C customers’ shopping experiences and support, empowering them to shop on-the-go. Allow customers to message you straight after a simple Google search and provide fast and relevant information to solve customer questions about your products and services at lightning speed.

Personalize customer journeys

Build an Omnichannel personalized journey collecting critical data points to understand your customers better. Exceed customer expectations with customized offerings based on their preferences to assist them in their buying decisions.