Establish a Single Source of Truth

Cloud Integrate transforms and accelerates organizations through digital innovation and helps them adapting faster to this new world. By leveraging the limitless power of the Salesforce platform we improve productivity, customer engagement, insights and various business processes.

Break data silos

Unify all your databases and data repositories to avoid duplicating efforts, multiplying manual repetitive tasks, and fetching data from different sources. Create a 360 view of your customers, partners, suppliers integrating systems on a Single Source of Truth.

Enhance user experience to collaborate seamlessly

Allow teams across all departments to seamlessly collaborate with a simplified way of accessing all relevant data and information, whatever the user point of entry may be in any process. Ensure real-time and accurate 360-view of all your customers, partners, and suppliers keeping all data connected and updated from any system on a Single Source of Truth.

Get real-time analytics

Connect the hidden dots behind your processes and operations to produce effective and actionable business intelligence. Combine data from any source, such as IoT devices, ERP systems, customer and supplier interactions on a Single Source of Truth to have insightful (and predictive) analytics-ready at your fingertips to promote data-driven decision making.