Do you want to engage buyers with personalized information to extend the outreach of your business? Are you looking to target organizations and buyers that are right for your brand, products, and services? The good news is that you can do all this and much more by harnessing the combined potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Salesforce with their integration.

So let’s find out how to start our journey of Salesforce integration with LinkedIn:

The Sales Navigator of LinkedIn for Salesforce creates an out-of-the-box sales prospecting experience for the representatives of a success-driven organization. It allows reps to automatically import any lead record, contact, and account that the team is actively working on using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The AppExchange integration allows representatives to easily and directly log Sales Navigator activities into Salesforce. This includes (but is not limited to!):

  • Importing CRM contacts and accounts records automatically from Open Opportunities.
  • Logging InMail messages and notes in Salesforce automatically.
  • Installing a CRM widget into Salesforce so reps can quickly view LinkedIn information right in the contact and lead record sections.

Stepwise Salesforce integration with LinkedIn

Let us now proceed on how to connect LinkedIn and Salesforce before we read about the integration process in more detail:

  1. First you’ll have to login to your Salesforce account,
  2. Proceed to the AppExchange and then move to Apps and then Search option
  3. Type LinkedIn the search box and start downloading the LinkedIn package
  4. Start the installation process once it is downloaded. Select the customization option and security settings according to your requirements
  5. Confirm the installation process
  6. Check the LinkedIn company insider section (you can view this under Account in the where you will be able to explore all the account-related connections)

LinkedIn & Salesforce – Installation Guide


  • You must have the Administrator rights before you begin with the installation.
  • You must have an active LinkedIn account. If you don’t have an account, you can start the installation process.
  • You have to purchase the LinkedIn Sales navigator or a higher plan to access this functionality.
  • A minimum version of Flash Player 9.0 should be installed for IE 7 or above. In addition to this you should also have enabled JavaScript on your browser. 

Installing the Application

First of all, login to your Salesforce account and head to the AppExchange home page. There, you need to select Apps option from the screen and type LinkedIn in the search box before you see the Salesforce and LinkedIn integration Wizard.

Afterwords, you’ll have to click on the link and select the “Get it now” option for installing with your Salesforce account. If you have administrator rights, you can install the LinkedIn package. Don’t forget you must be logged in as the administrator only.

Once you have clicked on the “Get it now”, the system will ask you to log in to the production Salesforce account and continue with the installation process. Thereafter, you need to confirm the installation process by selecting the Install option at the end, here you can select the Salesforce Environment as well i.e. whether you want to install it in the Production or Sandbox. You can also select the user for which you want to install the package. Please refer to the below screenshot. 

After entering the password, you will need to add the application to the ‘Page Layout’ tab by creating a new section for LinkedIn accounts.

Then select the VisualForce pages’ option and add the section of LinkedIn Company Insider.

After that, go back to any Account record and check the Section created by you. You now have an option to insert your LinkedIn Sales Navigator credentials. Please configure the things here and then you are good to go with the integration.

And, you’re all set! You have successfully completed the Salesforce and LinkedIn integration process.

If you need any assistance with Salesforce integration with LinkedIn or have a query, you can reach out to us by visiting our contact us page or just give us a call at +31 20 233 4287. Our certified Salesforce Consultants, Administrators, and Developers will be happy to assist you!