In today’s cutthroat business environment, it does make sense to emphasize on Community and Collaboration. This is simply because they have a huge potential to drive and transform every organization, irrespective of its size of business or line of operations. This is where Salesforce Communities come into the picture. 

Salesforce Communities are extremely useful when it comes to engaging customers and users by turning them into brand ambassadors. The best thing is that the knowledge gained by Salesforce community members while interacting with each other helps in identifying great ideas, solutions, and capabilities to spearhead success opportunities.

One of the biggest advantages of Salesforce Communities is that they allow businesses to connect with customers, partners, and employees in a single branded space that can be easily integrated with their own Salesforce org. The possibilities are endless and that’s my favorite part about it.


Let us read about some amazing ways by which Salesforce Communities can drive the growth and success of your business in more than just a way.

Building A Community That Thrives

It may come as a surprise to you but organizations that have their own virtual brand communities tend to enjoy a better online visibility and acceptance. In fact, customers in communities usually spend 19 percent more on average. Still not sure? It’s the time for you to develop a group of customers, fans, and admirers of your business and see the humongous results by yourself. Easy enough to create and maintain, Salesforce Communities can easily help you become a trusted authority in your niche.

Moreover, you can easily customize the community pages of your business to match its branding and personalize customer experiences. They can even facilitate delighting customer journeys, fit specific requirements of users, etc. Members of your Salesforce Communities can also easily search the community to find answers to their queries. Besides you can endorse other members when they offer invaluable contributions to discussion topics as a way to thank them. 

If this is not all, Salesforce Community Managers can even provide custom badges to highly-interactive, resourceful, and knowledge-sharing members. This may be done to incentivize engagement and participation among the Salesforce user groups and Salesforce communities. Thriving on the best of these users groups that are an integral part of the Salesforce Community Cloud, Community Managers can even create responsive dashboards for monitoring and visualizing community success.

Social Media Management

Salesforce Community Cloud, like all Salesforce products, scores extremely high on integration and customizability. You can easily pull in data, integrate application program interfaces (APIs). You can also connect with other systems of engagement and other CRMs. Salesforce Communities provide excellent opportunities for every success-driven business when it comes to building a rock-solid social media presence. 

With Salesforce Communities, your business can easily manage the workflows, pull in brand ambassadors, interact on social media, plan content, and more…All with a single dashboard.

Community template and VisualForce

For creating community portals, you will require frontend templates. Salesforce provides pre-built templates that you can easily customize and use for delightful customer experiences. You can make use of these templates in most simple use cases. Nevertheless, making the use of custom VisualForce pages is always the better option.

Undoubtedly, the Salesforce Community Cloud has opened the doors of success and prosperity for businesses of all sizes. Has your growth-driven business opted for a Salesforce Community by now?


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