Improve Revenue Efficiency

Cloud Integrate transforms and accelerates organizations through digital innovation and helps them adapting faster to this new world. By leveraging the limitless power of the Salesforce platform we improve productivity, customer engagement, insights and various business processes.

Streamline Quote-to-Cash process

Drastically reduce errors and contract lead time with automated solutions to optimize and personalize quotes. Avoid wasted “back-and-forth” time not only within your organization—with automated discount approvals—and be ready to close deals as soon as your clients are with faster and more accurate quotes.

Don’t leave money on the table

Manual configuration of products and pricing is time-inefficient and produces suboptimal outcomes in terms of revenue. Automate product and pricing configurations to maximize your revenue and to empower your company to rapidly package optimized solutions that are catered to your customers’ needs.

Shorten sales cycles and boost productivity

Design and automate your revenue-defining processes with guided selling, which helps sales reps add the right product combinations with the optimized discounts (if necessary) to quotes. Empower your sales team to spend more time on added value activities to close deals faster, instead of on admin tasks such as fetching data from different systems to generate quotes.