Increase your Sales

Cloud Integrate transforms and accelerates organizations through digital innovation and helps them adapting faster to this new world. By leveraging the limitless power of the Salesforce platform we improve productivity, customer engagement, insights and various business processes.

Optimize lead management and close deals faster

Let your sales reps dedicate more time to added-value activities to close deals rather than on admin tasks by automating repetitive activities. Enhance your sales team’s ability to close more deals by tracking all business development and sales activities and guiding sales reps through the sales process with recommendations about the best next actions to take. Boost productivity by unifying all relevant customer information in a 360 view with a customer-centred collaborative platform.

Synergize Marketing and Sales

Overcome the most common yet spread business challenge hampering your growth, namely having marketing and sales work in silos. Ensure that quality leads generated by your marketing team are properly followed up by your sales team. Connect marketing and sales to create personalized customer experiences to increase selling opportunities. Create upselling and cross-selling opportunities straight from prospect and customer inquiries.

Produce actionable insights and analytics

Take your analytics to the next level with real-time reporting and dashboards to track team performance and sales activities. Discover new sales opportunities with AI-powered predictive models and scores.