Eli Kaufman, Cloud Integrate’s CTO, writes about his first Dreamforce, and the trends to watch out for over the next year. More than that, at the end follows his impressions about the event overall and an event coming up in Amsterdam.


Deal Price Optimization

“This is AI brought into CPQ. Although it’s still in pilot, it was already presented last year: here’s a video, where the demo part starts at 19.30. The idea behind it is it will analyse the data of past deals, together with pricing rules and create incentive-based guidance for sales reps closing deals. The example given is that it will advise on the optimal discount that can be given without going through an approval process, or what can be changed in the configuration to make a higher discount possible. We’ll be keeping a close eye on developments.



Most of us have heard of blockchain blockchain is not just Bitcoin. In essence, it is a shared database that keeps a permanent record of digital transactions. The new technology that powers blockchain is here to stay and it’s going to be a game-changer. There was a demo of a private blockchain connected to Heroku used in a real-life scenario of processing a loan application. Still a long way to go before mass adoption can be expected but, for me, it was the first example of the technology in the context of Salesforce.

Any trailblazers in the crowd? There’s a blockchain module on Trailhead to help you get started.



Launched last year, and expected to be generally available in Spring 2019, MyTrailhead expands the options available for companies looking to revolutionise the onboarding and training journey for employees. By giving the ability to customize and gamify many aspects of training, I can see how this is going to be beneficial and interesting for many businesses.


Customer 360

Though this might not sound like much (“Aren’t the different Salesforce clouds already connected?”) this could spell a significant improvement, particularly in the area of integration, powered by Mulesoft. It was impossible to miss this concept being used in many of the case studies at Dreamforce, showing how various companies achieved a 360-degree view of their customers. For each case study, the components of the 360 dial were altered accordingly, some grayed out, but keeping the overall image.

         Connecting all the clouds










This was my first Dreamforce, but it almost goes without saying that Dreamforce was much more than those product and feature announcements; there were networking opportunities, inspiring talks, random meetings with interesting people and many takeaways to implement both for our clients and at home at Cloud Integrate.  The best part is, though, that some of the magic will be coming to Amsterdam on Thursday, 22nd November, where Cloud Integrate will be one of the sponsors of Dreamforce To You. A few (free) tickets remain – will you join us?