On Thursday, April 30th, Epicenter Amsterdam invited our CEO Hugo and CTO Eli to discuss how to steer business when working remotely with the help of the Salesforce platform.

How to steer business when working remotely, powered by Salesforce

(Re-) watch the recording of our live session below:

“While remote working is typically associated with 30% to 40% greater productivitythis isn’t necessarily the case when employees are not used to working from home or the right systems are not in place.

De European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Digital).


Being able to run your business when working remotely has become vital in our current context. In addition, working remotely has also proven to be highly beneficial and is considered the future of work for some. But beyond the ability to connect, it is about running the core businesses processes smoothly… And this comes about with several challenges. So how can empower your teams to face these challenges? How can you steer business when working remotely?


Hugo Obertop

Mede-oprichter & CEO

“I have seen the transformational power of the Salesforce platform when I was working in various sales management roles. That’s when I realized how this could help many companies to overcome their challenges around customer success, instant reporting and collaboration.”


Eli Kaufman

Mede-oprichter & CTO

“I love helping businesses solve problems using the power of the Salesforce platform and the range of existing applications and integrations. Delivering a successful project is above all about teamwork, and working with a professional and enthusiastic team such as Cloud Integrate is both rewarding and fun.”



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