Salesforce is an amazing platform to manage your processes and tasks in a user-friendly way, but sometimes the designs and fonctions available may just not be the right fit for your/your team’s purpose. Well, if you are looking for options to personalize your Salesforce environment from main colour theme to quote layout, you’re in for a treat with Appitek products!

In this blog, we will be discussing some of the most popular Appitek products that can help you increase operational efficiencies and profits of your success-driven business.

What is Appitek?

Appitek offers premium and open-source CRM solutions. It is a leading service provider of innovative solutions for businesses across the globe.

In the last few years, Appitek has launched a series of custom Salesforce applications such as Weaver, Automation Manager, Restyler, Automation Search, Pardot Field Manager, and more. In this blog, I’ll be reviewing some of the main Appitek products apps that have assisted brick-and-mortar, small, medium, large, and even Fortune 500 companies to create engaging customer experiences for selling faster while driving growth and efficiency at every organizational level.


Appitek Weaver

Weaver from Appitek is a one-stop solution to all your concerns regarding designing templatesautomating your email and document workflow, and weaving documents on the fly. This document designer for Salesforce allows you to effortlessly create, merge fields and create advanced repeats for accessing data from unrelated and distant objects.

Originally, this template designer and document generation tool was designed to access information about a parent record, any of the child records, and any of the child records of those children (see image- source: Appitek)

The idea is that through Appitek Weaver, you’d be able to have the information of an organization, the employees that work there, and then information (such as date of birth, name, gender, etc.) related to those employees.

Today, Weaver has become a more comprehensive and sophisticated suite of out-of-the-box functionalities aimed at accessing all sorts of Salesforce data. Using the Merge Field Builder, you can instantly follow a relationship from one object to another, like when you decide to insert fieldsin the formula builder of Salesforce. This means that you can quickly get the Account Name of the Contact’s Owner’sManager instead of just having it limited to data on a Contact.

Appitek Restyler

Appitek Restyler lets you quickly create custom themes for Salesforce lightning by offering an on-platform theme builder. This Appitek product helps you design and preview themes and then apply them to your apps and users within just a few clicks.

The best thing about Appitek Restyler is that it is all native and there is no need for browser extension. Users are free to create as many themes as they require and then apply them according to app and profile requirements.

Appitek Styler on Salesforce Lightning (source: Appitek)

Appitek Automation Manager

Automation Manager from Appitek is a perfect choice for managing and exporting all of your Salesforce automation for keywords, including but not limited to workflows, process builders, validation rules, Apex Classes, and Triggers.

Appitek Automation Manager allows you to gather all of your automation records together and export them quickly into a user-friendly format. In other words, Appitek Automation Manager lets you easily document and track what automation you’ve been running. The best thing is that you can run Appitek Automation Manager by installing it directly into your Salesforce environment or run it into your browser. Moreover, this simple and easy-to-use product allows you to export any automation as CSVs and search all code in your classes and triggers in the best and quickest possible way. You can search flows, validation rules, and processes and search in both sandbox and production orgs.

Appitek Pardot Field Manager

Want to easily manage your Pardot fields from a single place? Choose Appitek Pardot Field Manager that helps you with the creation of fields in bulk, delete and edit fields, and set up field syncs with Salesforce.

The Pardot Field Manager helps you create custom Pardot fields in bulk, map them all to Salesforce, and even edit and delete any existing fields. Furthermore, you can use the Pardot field manager to log in to your connected Salesforce org. Thereafter, you can directly pull your existing fields to set up all your data synchronization.


Whether you’ve just started on the CRM platform or been using Salesforce for years, these value-adding Appitek applications can help you adopt best practices and harness their full potential throughout your business. Contact Cloud Integrate to make a difference to your Salesforce ecosystem with Appitek solutions now!