Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is striking the market as a game changer for quoting, billing and invoicing. One of the biggest advantages of the right CPQ implementation is that it can quickly accelerate your business. Moreover, it offers economies of scale across sales and operations. This, in turn, helps you gain a distinctive edge over your peers. Among the solution provider Salesforce CPQ and Apttus are undeniably dominating, however the list of implementation and consulting partner is constantly evolving. But now the big question ahead of you is how do you go about choosing the right CPQ consulting partner for your success-driven business?

Here are five important evaluation points you should consider when selecting your CPQ consulting partner for your business:

1) Ask For The Specific Methodology

Truth be told, there is nothing more critical than the methodology to be followed when it comes to CPQ implementation. The right CPQ implementation company must clearly and accurately set up initial phases of the complete implementation process. 

Reputed CPQ implementation partners have the complete know-how of how to implement CPQ in the best possible ways. Generally, the partner will be presenting a one-pager that has different kinds of variations on the design, build, test, execute, and launch aspects, but your attention must always be on how to dig deeper.

2) Evaluate The Scoping Sessions

One of the most critical aspects of the pre-sales process will be the pre-sale design sessions or the scoping call. It is the best time to evaluate if your SI has the potential to absorb your use case. Furthermore, it will also be the time for the SI to bring their rich experience to your advantage.

Remember, proper and efficient scoping of a project should not be just about the system integration partner providing consent to just everything! It should rather be about the SI telling you clearly if specific elements can or cannot be performed the way that you expect. 

Make sure that you must carefully listen to the guidance of the CPQ implementer. It is equally important for you to validate the provided guidance against references.

3) Assess References In Depth

If not leveraged properly, the reference process would be completely useless. It is highly important for you to always remember that no system integration partner has a perfect record. However, a good CPQ implementation partner knows exactly how to partner with their clients and lead them to successful outcomes. 

For this, you must have a word with the SI partner about the CPQ journeys through customer references, including the hurdles and roadblocks. The point is to learn about the character and skillset of the implementer and how they handle the most challenging aspects of complexity associated with different projects.

4) Choose An Industry Expert

The most important factor while selecting the right CPQ partner for your business is EXPERIENCE. What depth of expertise the partner company has on its team? For this, have a look at or ask for their entire portfolio and clients. Moreover, you should read reviews about different system integration providers before choosing the one that would serve your best interests.

It is highly recommended that you must select an eminent Salesforce Consulting and Salesforce Implementation industry leader such as Cloud Integrate for your CPQ project.

5) Inquire About Intellectual Property

You need to ascertain the kind of tangible assets that will be provided by the SI partner to accelerate time-to-value. At Cloud Integrate, we invest accelerators for the seamless Salesforce platform that is powered by out-of-the-box CPQ Consulting Services. Remember, you should always carefully and comprehensively assess critical areas and ask the right questions at the right time. 

You need to understand and look deeper into the unique insights that the Partner brings to make an informed selection. You can surely expect to align the core values of the implementer with your own.


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