Are you looking for a document generation tool to easily design and manage important documents natively in Salesforce? Appitek Weaver and Conga Composer would be the two ideal options for you to consider. 

Here are the pros and cons of both document generation tools so that you have a clear and complete idea of which one will be best suited for your organization.


Appitek Weaver

Appitek Weaver is a new player in the arena of document generation tools. With it you can create complex merge fields and as well as bringing data directly from existing reports. Using Weaver, you can easily explore a whole array of functionalities that are aimed at accessing and utilizing all data in Salesforce.

You can make use of Repeat Elements in Weaver for repeating entire sections of your emails and documents for a contact as well as related contact objects. This, in turn, makes it extremely easy to perform operations such as showing a table of invoices for specific customers.

Until now, users had to face limited functionalities in terms of what objects they can show data for, since they had to be related. The latest updates in Weaver allow users to overcome this limit, which means that they can now easily and effortlessly repeat sections of the design for every object.

In other words, you can present data from any other object in Salesforce, irrespective of the contact object your template uses.

One of the best features is the Native Designer that makes it easy to design the style of documents and make them look professional and attractive. In addition Weaver also provides a library with a wide range of existing templates available for direct use.

In terms of performance, Weaver runs quickly and there’s no delay in creating documents.

Conga Composer

A well established cloud-based document management solution, Conga Composer is ideal for medium to large enterprises. It can be used for creating and distributing documents by pulling data easily from Salesforce.

Conga Composer offers easy ways for users to manage contracts, create documents, and capture eSignatures. In addition to this, it also helpful for the workforce to emphasize collaboration and identify new ways to innovate.

Learning and setting up Conga Composer can however be challenging and small delays may also occur when generating documents.


Weaver and Conga comparative summary

Appitek Weaver

  • Helps users easily create complex merge fields.

  • Use Repeat Elements to repeat entire sections of emails and documents.

  • Create reusable components for your designs

  • Output DOC, PDF, HTML and email from a single template

  • No requirement for a third-party word processor

  • Pull in any data from Salesforce into your custom designs


Conga Composer

  • Effectively manage the accuracy and authenticity of all documents

  • Automates routine paperwork

  • Increases productivity by freeing up resources and saving time

  • Improves delivery time and speeds up communications



Conga Composer and Appitek Weaver are two excellent Salesforce document generation applications. Both are equally effective to streamline or automate the otherwise-complicated process of generating documents, saving a lot of effort and time.

Choose any one of them according to the specific requirements of your business to reap the optimum advantages of high customer engagement with custom documents delivered on time.