What is it that makes Salesforce special and how to explain it to someone that’s never heard of Salesforce before? I was chatting with a friend recently, about a possible career change. This got me thinking about why I am so enthused about Salesforce, a decade after my first encounter. Hopefully it may be of use, should you find yourself in similar conversations!

There are three key and equally important aspects which make it awesome: (1) the technology; (2) the culture within the ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers; (3) the free learning platform.

The technology

The name Salesforce is a reflection of where the company started 20 years ago, rather than all the advancements since then. A random selection includes:

“Einstein, What is Salesforce?”
  • Small business looking for a more efficient way to manage customer relationships? Check! ✔️
  • Biotech firm running clinical trials looking for a way to store all data on a single platform? No problem. ✔️
  • Automating your field service based on input from connected sensors? Sure.✔️
  • Salesforce is a leader in many categories thanks to its investment in innovation and providing solutions tailored to a variety of industries.✔️

Once every 4 months there’s a release with dozens of new features. There’s now marketing, commerce, field service, integration and analytics complete solutions, amongst many others, which sit by your core data. Blockchain was announced not so long ago as a new area Salesforce is expanding into, and there’s already an example how it helps create trust.

The culture

Salesforce is unique in the commercial technical world, and this is partly due to the non-technical aspects of its offering. Let me explain…

Salesforce has a worldwide community of people who support each other in a collaborative rather than competitive way, to gain knowledge and share experiences. This takes many forms, such as local user groups which may meet every one or two months, online forums, and one and two day conferences, where people meet and find a welcoming space to learn together. These are all led by volunteers.


The open learning platform

Trailhead is the place to go to for everything related to learning about and around Salesforce, in a free and fun way. It great for those looking to change careers, and well as those wanting to progress further.

It’s not limited to technical topics – it also covers areas such as soft skills, how to run a project successfully and what is the fourth industrial revolution. Unlike other platforms, the idea behind making all this content freely available is to make people better engaged and to foster a culture of trust. Which brings me nicely to the last point.

Core values

Beyond all the business metrics and considerations Salesforce, in my opinion, embodies a company that genuinely does good, not for a reputation or publicity but because the core values are deeply embedded in how the company is run and how it treats its employees, clients, and partners.

The core values of equality, trust, customer success, and innovation are exemplified in many ways, here are but three examples: fighting anti-LGBT-law, empowering society through the 1-1-1 model and incorporating sustainability in the design of Salesforce tower.


So what’s next for you?

Considering a career change? Whether you fancy working at an end customer or eventually being an independent consultant, try Trailhead; or look online to see where your nearest user group is, for a taste of what it’s all about.