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Are you considering using Salesforce or are you an existing user? Cloud Integrate will help to get the most out of your investment. Do the quick scan below so we can pinpoint where you need to focus. We will contact you to setup a free consult during which we will explain how the Cloud Integrate consultants will make your Salesforce implementation a continuous success for your company!

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How many employees will need or already have access to Salesforce?*

Are you currently using some sort of sales lead management or contract tracking software?


What are the main functions you need from your sales or contact management software?

 Lead tracking / management
 Sales results analysis
 Content tracking / management
 Contract status and storage
 Sales pipeline / forecasting analysis

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When do you intend to implement or adjust Salesforce?

1 Month
2-4 Months
4+ Months

Will you need Salesforce to integrate with any other systems?

Not sure
Yes - document management
Yes - lead generation services
Yes - accounting or finance software
Yes - Outlook or other e-mail system