Junior Salesforce Consultant

I was first presented to Salesforce in 2013, when I was working as Project Manager. At that time I was essentially using it for visualisation and had no idea of the full potential of the tool.

Fast forward to 2018, I had just finished my Masters and was trying to make a transition from my background as Industrial Engineer to Technology. I came across Cloud Integrate and they told me about Trailhead. I started diving into the platform and was just amazed by all the possibilities that come with Salesforce, not only for business but to anyone interested in working with it.

Besides, the community is super helpful and engaged, I felt very  welcomed and motivated to participate in the many events they hold.

I’ve already learned so much and I’m highly motivated to keep learning and try different solutions for businesses challenges.

It’s been a short journey so far, but I can only be excited for what lies ahead.

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